My Healing Chamber is a place where your mind and body's own ability to heal are directed by a variety of techniques to encourage regeneration and personal revelation. For it is a golden truth of timeless wisdom that it is the healer's charge to teach the afflicted to heal themselves.  

  • HypnotherapyModern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have a vested interest in a one dimensional view of health. Hypnotherapy treats mind/body ailments holistically and is proven to be effective for a number of issues.

  • Reiki - Energy is everywhere. It makes the sun shine and it gets us out of bed in the morning. Reiki is an Eastern technique meant to direct your personal energy toward self-healing.

  • Crystal Bed Healing - The Crystal Bed is a marvelous apparatus that, when used in tandem with other energy techniques, has provided dozens of reported benefits to pleased patients the world over.